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My Awesome Romania, part I

In cappuccino on February 13, 2014 at 6:22 am

The other day somebody thanked me for an article I didn’t write, but that gave me an idea: I could write one. So here it is: a blog post about my awesome Romania. No, not the blind nationalist type. I do criticize, I do raise my eyebrows but there are stories worth telling. This is my story about my Romania. My chic awesome Romania is awesome. My story, the window through which I choose to see and the perspective by which I choose to build things.

Castle of Biertan as seen by Sorin Onisor

Romania is a scenic, picturesque, iconic land. Close your eyes and imagine it, think of the fairy tales or just see some pictures. Sorin Onisor is one my favorite photographers able to frame the atmosphere. Romania is magic, and Sorin Onisor is the best if you want to get a glimpse of that. Sorin himself is a wanderer, so you will get a pretty good picture of what all this land looks like: from the Danube, to the Carpathians, to the Prut River, to the Black Sea. Yes, yes, Transylvania included. However, you might discover, that the tale about Dracula is the least magical story about this land.

Romania once was a land of castles, nobility . Some of them are still pretty well preserved or being rebuilt. However, being hidden gems, you need a connaisseur to guide you and tell you the stories.  My friends from 5 Senses Romania, have unbelievable stories and experiences to share. Remember how your grandma used to boil your egg? Ever dreamed of going back to your childhood? Ever dreamed of picking berries and making your own jam? They will guide you back to the comfort of your childhood and show you things like they once were and it was all good. Experiences? For all your senses. Be it that you want to sleep in a bordei (burried in the ground hut) be it you want to get a glimpse of how our boieri (nobility) lived and get the full iconic experience of a mansion. 

Romania has a Royal House. Not so long ago Romania was a monarchy. The first king of Romania was Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Some time ago, they gave up their German name and are known as the Royal House of Romania. And yes, the Royal House of Romania is related to all the other Royal Houses in Europe, invited to the all the royal events, Royal House of England included. A very dear to me picture of King Michael and Queen Anne:

King Michael and Queen Anne


House Interior in Astra Museum, Sibiu

Romania has awesome museums to tell great stories. My favorite museum is the Village’s Museum. Don’t expect the usual stuck in time museum, expect stories and people. And it would be really nice if you could catch any traditional fair hosted here and see a miniatural and on the spot manifestation of the Romanian spirit. Also, Astra Museum in Sibiu is one of the most iconic museums,  a park where you can see traditional houses from different times and areas, with original interior decorations as seen in the age.

A proof that we’re awesome storytellers is a photo project I discovered some while ago. Someone discovered the photo archive of a photographer during World War I. Costica Acsinte was for some while, the only photographer in the area, so his collection is awesomely impressive. Romania has a great period before World War I and in between wars history, having one of its most flourishing times. The photographer was located in Slobozia. I’ll leave with the photographs of Costica Acsinte, which tell the story of a retro chic Romania that is yet to be discovered and promoted to the world. While watching the photographs do listen to one of the best voices Romania had to offer the world, a singer covered even by Edith Piaf or Pink Martini. My personal favourite Romanian soundtrack: Maria Tanase.

Woman, Costica Acsinte Collection

*To be continued with Romanian designers, Romanian products. If you want to contribute to the series or my Pinterest board or have any other idea,  please write me an email at miruna.codeanu@gmail.com.

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