Miruna Codeanu

Facebook, 10 years

In espresso on February 7, 2014 at 7:34 am

Mapping facebook pairs of friends. Illustration: Paul Butler

10 years of Facebook.  Quite unprecedented, especially considering those who said Facebook is going to be just another Myspace, Hi5, or similar. Currently Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly users. 2 years ago Facebook reached 1 billion users and it kept growing, despite popular beliefs that 1 billion was a max. 757m users log on daily, Facebook claims. 556 m access Facebook via their mobile device. More than 380 m people like Facebook’s official page. Facebook doubled its price of share since May 2012, reaching 61,48$.

February 4, 2014. Facebook’s birthday, Facebook is now 10 years old. Facebook has a gift for you: A Look Back, a video made from your x years of activity on Facebook. It shows how great your life is, especially on Facebook. Everybody’s been sharing it. Your co-worker, your partner, your lover, your mother and father, Mark Zuckerberg himself, and he got 713598 likes on his post. Mark was probably the only person to have a biographical movie at the age of 25. They proudly looked back at their online activity. You liked their movie, because you literally clicked the like button. Then you liked Mark’s video, although a few days ago you shared a post complaining how Facebook is wasting your time. But you shared on Facebook. Which means Facebook content, Facebook traffic. Chapeau to the strategist who had this idea. It is basic, simple, engaging, it is awesome!

Everybody’s proclaiming Facebook’s fall. It is the most successful social network we have seen by now. However, Facebook is not just a social network anymore. Facebook is a company, who also own Instagram,  which, again you are using. They named 2014, “year of the selfie”, after Obama, the Pope himself, we shall all be taking selfies in 2014. Where should we post selfies? On Twitter? No, Twitter is not the appropriate network for that. Gplus? Not enough engaged audience.  Linkedin? Just don’t. Istagram? Well, this is one of the major uses of Instagram. Facebook? Yes, Facebook, Facebook is full of selfies. Facebook owns both Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve been defending Facebook for quite a while now. I still do. Most people predict Facebook’s fall. Most of them write it on Facebook. This is the trick. You might be bored of Facebook but as long as you’re still using it, you are still traffic, and Facebook continues to grow. Some of my business oriented friends claim Facebook was unable to monetize. For a while, Facebook was unable to monetize. Facebook has been working on tools to tell marketers what percentage of their sales are closed due to Facebook, and special projects. Some of them made it to the marketing magazines. Some of them are still probably in Facebook laboratories. 10 years of Facebook and my feed is more crowded than ever,  which means Facebook is still the world’s most powerful social network.



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