Miruna Codeanu

Apple news and good moves

In espresso on October 23, 2013 at 8:05 am

Apple released two novelties last night: the new Ipad mini and the Ipad Air. Of course, there is media hype around this. What draw everybody’s attention is that Apple raised the price for the new Ipad mini. The initial cost was 329$, while the new Ipad mini costs 399$. Business media doesn’t believes Apple is risking it. I don’t. On the contrary, I think that Apple makes a good move by bringing its values back to the spotlight.

I’ve said it before, I never believed Apple would make it in China. Never thought China was a good market for Apple. Not for the Chinese mass market. However, luxury brands are quite well off in China. Apple cannot and should not compete with brands that have price as USP. Going there would ruin almost 30 years of making history and changing lifestyle. Apple seems to be giving its future plans a second thought, changing its development plans towards lifestyle and increasing the prices for its products. Sure, media will be unhappy, most people leave their consumer behavior behind and probably, the first reaction would be to be unhappy. But Apple can handle that, they’ve been handling above-medium prices for decades and price wasn’t their thing in the first place. People will soon forget that an Ipad mini used to cost 329$ and now it costs 399$ but this will be a part of the whole Apple identity. This wasn’t the bad move. However, considering going after Samsung, their biggest competitor, was.

Sure, the tablet market holds cheaper options, but it’s not here where Apple could find its competition. A customer that looks for cheap will always find cheaper. You don’t want that, you want committed consumers, you want fans. Which Apple has and they should keep those, people feeling the apple logo is their second skin. Those are the customers Apple wants or should want and should keep. Ipad sales have dropped by 14%, that is not a good sign and business analysts doubt that a more expensive tablet will increase sales. I doubt it, but it just could be better to lose some price oriented customer then to affect the whole Apple philosophy and Apple products as status indicator.


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