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Oh darling, but it’s just business

In espresso on October 9, 2013 at 7:03 am

Oh Businessweek, are you really that naive? As I was reading the news: blabla Apple, blabla Samsung, blabla gonvermnet shutdown, blabla Apple and Samsung and “Did Obama Just Pick Sides in the Apple-Samsung Patent War?”.  I do agree with intellectual property, however, the endless patent registration for any of the two offers them too much comfort and a form of monopoly which I definitely do no agree with.  This being my stand on the everlasting patent infringement Samsung-Apple dispute, I now have an issue with Businessweek. I like my business news blunt and brutal. I don’t want to read opinions of business prudes half covering their eyes. It’s not nationalism, it’s not patriotism, it’s business!

Not so long ago, Apple started to emphasize its “Designed by Apple in California” inscription on its products:

California is a state of the Unitated States of America. The president of the United States of America is Barrack Obama. Apple is designed in California. Apple is an American company, which means it provides money to the American budget. Sure, Apple products are no longer made in the US, but Tim Cook promised to start manufacturing products in the US again. Samsung is a South Korean company. There are some chances for Apple to start manufacturing goods back at home, but almost no chances for a Samsung product to be ever labeled as “made in the USA”.

Economy and socio-realities are always interacting. One of the major trends this year was, and will be for the next year two: local. Local means: buy local advertise local. Local is somehow au-contraire of global. We’re slowly switching back to local. Another type of local, but still local. This “local” thing comes from economic realities: global was starting to mean “made in china” which made the locals without jobs and purchasing power.  Thus, you have an American company, manufacturing in China and selling back in America. Only that, without jobs, Americans cannot buy those products. Thus you have a very unhappy country.

So, I’m batting my eyeleshas and I’m telling you, Businessweek, “Oh darling, but it’s just business” (And it should be just business)


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