Miruna Codeanu

Social media: use it wisely!

In cappuccino, espresso on August 21, 2013 at 7:14 am

Social media. Content. Targeted Content.

Twitter. 140 characters long microblog, social networking service, social media, new media. Ca veut dire that Twitter is part of the social marketing, which turned marketing from one to many from one to one. You know it and everybody’s talking about it. Yet nobody seems to be very aware of it.

Yesterday I hit the “follow’ button on Twitter for a marketing and sales specialist.  Later on I get a direct message: “Hey thanks for following. New to Social Media? You may find this page of tools useful, we certainly did. (…)”. What’s wrong with this message? “Hey, thanks for following” – it absolutely ok to welcome your followers. Next: “New to social media?” Oops. Nope, not new. My Twitter account is 5 years old. This is where traditional marketing fails in social media. From this moment on you lost me. Was I to be a lead, chances are you lost you lost your potential conversion.  

Social media won the battle also because of relevance. This is where direct emailing lost. No. I do not believe in mass targeting. No, I do not believe in mass-anything. I believe the future holds unlimited marketing possibilities that will definitely include as much as personal messages as possible, maybe even individual, with the help of automation probably. For the time being automation in the times of social media fails. Take the above mentioned example: I use social media in order to send and receive information. The reason I moved online, giving up cable and subscriptions (minus guilty pleasures of holding a magazine near my humongous coffee mug) is choice: social media allows me to have my own personal news feed, and eliminates most of the spam. By spam I mean uninteresting, unsolicited content. Contextual advertising is absolutely ok because it means I have an interest in that context.

Social media done badly is absolutely zero. Automation, done poorly is like nothing with an expense: cost of automation + my annoyance as a target due to spamming activities.

Social media is not traditional media, use if wisely or it may turn against you: I personally felt that Twitter user was spamming me and secondly I now know he doesn’t a clue what social media is.

Bonus info: LinkedIn appears to be doing what I expected Facebook to be doing for a long time, and that is to become a social news feed, tailoring information for each user which may be LinkedIn path to success.


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