Miruna Codeanu

BMW & Electric Cars

In espresso on July 30, 2013 at 6:25 am

BMW goes electric. After months of hype, BMW launched the i3 yesterday. It looks like this:

Let me get this clear; I’m a fan, I’m a BMW fan all the way. I chose to buy a certain car over some other car just because I found out BMW had worked on its engine. I like the whole identity BMW built, the looks and the sound of the engine.I’ll take this moment to congratulate the Romanian marketing team for doing a great job. Going back to the i3: that is not a BMW. That can be a Renault, it can be a Ford, it can be Hyundai, it can be a Kia, but that is not a BMW. It looks a bit like a Lancia actually. Let me say again: it is not a BMW.  This is a BMW:

This is how BMW owners, fans, lovers, see BMW. It is one of the reasons for which they buy it. Sure, the i3 does not target traditional BMW engaged fans. Most likely, BMW traditional fans won’t rush in to buy an electric car. BMW is targeting the ones considering a Tesla, Chevy and other such, but it looks like any average car. Electric cars aren’t any cars for the time being.  Most people don’t consider an electric car, not that most people would consider BMW, those considering a BMW wouldn’t really buy an electric car. BMW made something that looks like a family car for a housewife that, You know what makes Tesla cool? This:

By thThe electric car that also looks incredibly cool. Yes, coolness drives your sales. Oh come on, you sell cars and some time you advertise them using beautiful women, of course looks matter. Tesla became popular due to its roadster which was finally a car that looked like a car and it was also electric, which was “wow”. Let me repeat: wow, it had the wow factor. The looks of BMW i3, throws electric cars design a few years back, when an electric car was uncool, ugly, a city car for housewives, no toy for big boys, which is so uncool for a car seller.

Time will tell. My take on this strategy: failure.


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