Miruna Codeanu

Google TV

In cappuccino on July 26, 2013 at 6:09 am

Chromecast: a television related Google gadget. Chromecast can used on your smartphone, tablet or laptop to send videos or music on your big screen. Chromecast is also a remote that controls your tv. Following the launch of Chromecast, Google announced they have big plans with Google Tv.

I’ve been wondering why doesn’t Google who has Youtube, invest more in television? It would make more sense for Google, considering the Youtube and video-related experience to do so,  than it would do for Apple. You might have noticed that Google has been trying to merge products: replacing Talk with Hangouts and trying to implement the same design. I’ve always said: Google, integrate, it is your biggest bet and chance. Users love usability and you have the opportunity to do great things, just start merging products. The information Google holds on your searches, thus interest is the thing that makes both Google and Facebook candidates for “the next big thing”.

As far as I can see, Google is making baby steps towards integration: giving up some products, unifying design and enlarging the range of products for its consumers so that it can deliver a full experience for its users. A Google television product definitely makes more sense than a Google television product.


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