Miruna Codeanu

Google is going after Apple

In espresso on July 4, 2013 at 6:46 am

Moto X will be the next android powered smartphone. As the name says, it belongs to Motorola, Google’s Smartphone company. This is a much awaited move from Google. We’d be normally saying Google is going after Samsung, the market leader for Android smartphones. Here’s the release for Moto X:

Let me highlight Moto X’s positioning: first smartphone: designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. Here’s Apple’s latest campaign: “Designed by Apple in California” 


“Designed by Apple in California” was already engraved on Apple products, yet it needed to be put in a commercial. Why? Once again, marketing does not advertise to communicate emotions, it communicates emotions in order to sell. Sure, it is about the user experience, it may be about the design, about the user experience, but button line, you have to tell you all that in order for you to buy and no, no there’s no better engagement than emotional engagement. No, marketing people aren’t cynical (maybe a bit, we call it realistic), it’s the client the one who wants to sell. Would you call cynical who wants to sell their product? Probably not. This is it. This is what matters. That you buy Apple. And it means everything. 

There is a noticeable trend around the world what I’ve writing about: buy local. Firstly, buy national, and then regional and then as local as possible. It started with the rise of eco/bio products:  local was more likely to provide your family with fresh and natural milk than the multinational selling it at the supermarket. Then it became a solution against the domination of “made in China” products and it soon became a solution for reviving national manufacturing. Smart-ish initiative. If you do a quick research you see that the response to Apples “Designed by Apple in California” isn’t quite favorable for Apple, and it rapidly became associated with “Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China”, child labor in China issues were brought back in discussion. Most likely people commenting “assembled in China” aren’t Apple’s target. However, child labor issues have been affecting Apple, and child labor is a matter most likely to affect the profile of an Apple consumer. Apple is though, following a trend: buy local, probably first corporation to embrace the “local” trend. Google follows, almost attacking Apple. Apple covers the design part that is local. Question arose: how about the engineering, how about manufacturing? Google’s positioning for MotoX seems like an answer: “designed, engineered and assembled in the USA”, to be read asa: “we don’t only design our products in the US, we also engineer and assemble them here”.

Ask me, Apple’s campaign “Designed by Apple in California” is definitely better than the latest ipad almost-idiotic commercials, it does emotional engagement, which is the best kind of brand engagement. However, it communicates on a sensitive matter for Apple: made in America vs Made in China and a huge deal of negative PR that comes along: economic crisis, unemployment and it creates a very good moment for Google to launch their campaign. Happy July 4th, buy local!


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