Miruna Codeanu

Is it really time for social marketing automation?

In espresso on June 14, 2013 at 6:44 am

Remember I was telling any marketer can base their forecasts on social media? I was also telling you the Google’s shot at Facebook will be integrating. You’ve been probably seen the latest change Google made: everything is based on tiles, they’ve replaced Google Talk with Hangouts on your phone, Google Plus has a design based on tiles. Consequence? No, there are no coincidences. Google is finally integrating. Besides a better user experience, it will offer marketers more information on their targets and more segmentation tools.

Today, opening my news feed, I’m reading on marketing automation:

Mintigo created social databases, for our  nowadays social web. Based on the fact that every consumer has a profile and a segment where is placed, buyers become predictable, so predictable that soon you might know exactly which audience has the highest chances of buying your products.

Sure, this sounds pretty awesome for any marketer, translating into high conversion rates, but how what the “social” component of “social media”. Remember, this is how it started and it boomed: your consumer is able to give you prompt feedback on your products and you are able to directly communicate with them, in real time, or at least faster than in old media

Sure, marketing automation will offer consumers relevant information, as it is based on their social profile, but how about fake profiles, how about people with a different web social profile than the other one. This is a problem yet to be solved for social networks, but Facebook for example is really making efforts to deal with fake social profiles, there’s the other very old problem with the internet: people wanting to seem different than what they really are. I’ll give a personal example: I am passionate about watches,cars and airplanes. Any passionate person is usually a connoisseur and usually likes premium companies. I probably like more than premium companies, let’s say my favorite watch in the world is Breguet Hora Mundi. I do not like it because of its 18K Gold Depicting the Americas, the European and African continents, or Asia and Oceania, I just happen to  small boutique brands, I like that fact that it is a brand made out of passion, and of course I am completely mad about how it looks. The price for a Hora Mundi is aproximately 80.000$.  I like airplanes, I love vintage cars. Chances are I might never own a Hora Mundi, a original 70’s Dodge Challenger, or a Second World War airplane that i recondition and fly. Judging by all these passions I should probably own a multinational company, have numerous properties, be on my way to my house on my private beach for the weekend right now, but I’m not. I am middle class, I’m probably doing well by the common socio-economic standards , but my social profile and passions would probably place me as top and here marketing automation would fail. Sure, we call them passions because not everybody has them, not everybody likes vintage airplanes and cars or is passionate about haute horlogerie, so I’d be a prospect not turned into a lead, just one. Moreover, there’s also adapting your marketing strategy to what you sell: and you don’t sell luxury products via email and social media, although in some time I’m seeing online social events and auctions will happen, but not just yet.

Here’s  my personal advice to all the marketers out there: if you innovate it won’t perfect as it hasn’t been done before, so expect more trouble with innovation than with a classical recipe but if you wait for it to become a case study it will be too late.


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