Miruna Codeanu

Two failures: Microsoft and Mini

In espresso on May 22, 2013 at 6:46 am

Mini Copper launches a campaign in Mexico to target women putting make up behind the wheel:

It features some statistics: in Mexico 22% of car accidents are caused by women.

A tagline: “There’s a time and place for everything”.

What I’m reading behind the lines: the campaign is made by a man and Mini Cooper is going after its own target and not necessarily with a positive message. Sure, the execution is nice and it seems pretty creative but the message behind it is a big fail.

And…Microsoft fails too.

So you see dear Microsoft, there are some voices rising against kids using technology at early ages and you are releasing an advert that basically says “your kid will shut up if you give them a gadget that answer their questions”. It may not be about the answers, it might be about the human interaction.

Mini Cooper: fail. Nice try though but maybe next time: you try the “make up might cost you your life” or “a job or your life” approach, or “next time there will be blood on your face, not make ¬†up” or whatever, but otherwise, the stronger message is that women cause accidents, which is a failure.

Microsoft: fail. The ad is not impressive, the kid is somehow funny, the execution definetely looks like something I’ve seen before. Microsoft dear, you have a problem. Gadgets are about coolness and you are definetely not.


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