Miruna Codeanu

Coke and alike, the latest devil?

In espresso on May 13, 2013 at 6:12 am

It was probably mid to  late 90’s when the demonization  of cigarettes begun. Back at the beginning of fordism and consumerism adverts for cigarettes looked like this:

and most shockingly (to the 2013 man) like this:

“Oh my, oh dear, oh!” Shocked, you holder of all universal truth? 2013 life philosophies teach you smoking kills and it is printed on any pack of cigarettes. It is unacceptable for a doctor to recommend and endorse smocking. In 2013, yes it is, but it wasn’t always like this and almost 80 years are enough for perspectives to change. However, the audience is losing interest in cigarettes. Might seen there’s a growing need for the object of a new witch hunt.

Well, you see if you look back, like really back through history, society hasn’t changed much. Society needs an object for its common hate: christians, suicidals walked through to public markets, witches burnt in the public markets, kings hanged in the public markets…to the present times, when smoking is object to the social hate. Society, however, seems to be quite bored with blaming it all on smoking. And so, an uprising social roar against drinking Coca Cola and alike sodas can be noticed. It started with coke sodas associated with obesity. Only that, unlike tobacco companies which could not advertise tobacco free cigarettes, Coca Cola and Pepsi released their 0-calories drinks and light versions and it worked, for a while. Only that calories are not the only matter. Like for tobacco companies, health-the new religion- is the major concern. And here, coke like drinks fail.

Signs of the beginning of a social battle against coke like drinks in which Coca Cola will be the main target, being the most popular brand:

Is the latter familiar? Yes, from all the cigarettes packs.

However, in a top of the most powerful brands in the world published by Forbes, Coca Cola scores 3. Undoubtedly, Coca Cola is one of the most powerful brands in the world, but this popularity may come along with a price: being the most popular, most known it will be the main target of the social war against soda drinks. Ask me, it will survive, so did tobacco companies, and again aske me, they are making a comeback. Question is: can Coca Cola learn something from the social war against cigarettes? Well, it can also learn something from L’Oreal’s acquisition of The Body Shop and Burt’s Bees.

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