Miruna Codeanu

Social causes and advertising

In cafea, espresso on May 7, 2013 at 6:01 am

UNICEF made a commercial that sums up something I’ve been having in the back of my head for a long: Likes don’t save people, money does.

Nicely done, bravely done Unicef, but:

  • UNICEF has a Facebook page
  • UNICEF advertises

These activities imply costs, even if the media space is offered for free, the commercial itself has costs and the team behind it has salaries. This is a problem I’ve always had: are you supposed to advertise social causes? First hand answer: sure, to raise more money. At a better look into the matter you realize the bigger the organization, the more it advertizes, the bigger the costs. This mean a part of my donation aimed at, let’s say, kids in Africa will go in, let’s call them investments, which means less money for the kids in Africa. Sure, those money are presumptuously used to raise more funds. But…what about my donation? I donated to the kids in Africa and I want my money to go there. I want the kids in Africa to benefit from all the money I donated.

In terms of profit, more funds are gathered due to advertising, but on the other hand it could be just another lying advertisement.


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