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Feelings sell!

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2013 at 6:52 am

There was a time when we sex sold. There were two successful common leitmotifs used in advertising: sex and kids. Sure one derives from the other, but I wasn’t referring to that. From subtle to explicit, sex was used to draw attention. Traditionally begun with the objectification of women, later continued with couples and recently ended with the objectification of men.

Objectification of women:

The rise of the couple:

Objectification of men. Yes you read that right. I know a third wave feminism is becoming popular but men and women are equally objectified and with the rise of “sheconomy” men are becoming more and more often objects because, it is only now that women are starting to have the money to buy them, not because women wouldn’t do it.

However, we see an interesting phenomenon happening: feelings. Feelings appear more and more in tv spots, prints and executions. Best commercials, most virals video depict feelings.

Snowmen go on journeys to find themselves and bring their loved ones presents for Christmas:

Vodafone celebrates “forever”

Coca Cola celebrates falling:

Johnson & Johson celebrates all your love:

Sex, however is becoming a social cause:

Advertising erodes and roughens, it lowers the  human response which translates into less public. There was a time when sex wasn’t everywhere, when sex made it appealing.  Sure, sex and kids are part of the human biological construction, they appeal to our most basic structures and instincts. It just might be that the human response isn’t as good to sex as it was some time ago. It just might be that sex was replaced with feelings.

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