Miruna Codeanu

Online graves

In espresso on April 5, 2013 at 6:24 am

Welcome to April 2013. Facebook just launched Home Facebook: an app that is not an app but neither an operating system. If you ask me, it is aimed to be more engaging for its current users and attract new users. Ask me, next will probably beFacebook Television.  Ask me again, we live online. Ask any anthropologist and they will tell you life is summed up by some basic rituals. Today I discovered the existence of online graves.

Since we’re speaking about Facebook, let’s take Facebook. Birth. Kids are being born on Facebook. Not literally but almost literally. We all know the photo albums with pregnant friends, toddlers and teenagers. Marriage? Oh, there’s plenty of Facebook info covering that: countless pictures of the bride and the groom, infinite statuses on the preparations and finally relationship status: John and Mary got married, congratulate them. Funerals? Well, I have not yet seen pictures from funerals, but I’ve seen plenty of mourning online. We’ve got some basic rituals covered and there’s more.

Today I came upon a start up: rememberum.com.  The websites give people the means to create online memorials to their loved ones. The promotional example features a memorial for Steve Jobs designed designed in the style of the original Mac OS interface. Its header is made of an iconic Steve Jobs picture and the year of birth and death. Familiar? Scrolling down one can find information about Steve’s life shown through icons: Early, Life, Early Career, Apple, Next, Pixar and Disney, et. You can find out more by clicking the icons in the chapters in Steve Jobs’ life. You lived your life online, then you must have an online death. I’m curios how’s with the search engine optimization for a memorial, because basically if you search someone up on the internet, my guess is that you’d like to know that they’re not among us anymore, so there should be a good SEO on the names of the people with online memorials. 

You have a let’s call it “real” life, although I do not agree with this dichotomy, as the online is also as real as possible, you also have an online life. Your life will end with funeral ceremony, but what happens to your online life? Your online life should also have an online funeral ceremony, a grave and a tombstone, and rememberum is probably just the first of the services of this sort to show up next – all the services to respond to our online life’s needs.

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