Miruna Codeanu

China and “made in China”

In Uncategorized on March 21, 2013 at 6:19 am

China is probably the world’s second largest economy for the time being or so it was reported for 2012. Will it become the world leading economy? It has the potential.

China is known as a big manufacturer but not as a great consumer but it a huge potential for consumption. Almost all the big companies are targeting China. Apple announced to base its growth for 2013 on China. Cosmetic giant companies are opening plants in China. All the main players of the industries in the world are and will be targeting the Chinese marketing for its potential. Problem is, China has its own local brands, well, that aren’t actually brands as they didn’t really invest in branding or marketing of any sort.

Some first branding steps for Chinese manufacturers were made by Huawei as discussed in a previous post but will China invest in a “buy Chinese” campaign. The Chinese state isn’t really used to the notions of free market or competition, but more to the means of constraint. Can the Chinese adopt a law to oblige the Chinese consumer to buy at least 90% “made in China” goods? Probably not and there are some signals China is on the transition to liberalization. The Chinese state will probably need to invest in a national campaign to say “buy Chinese” along the local brands, as for the time being the Chinese seemed to be mad about everything that comes from Europe and you can see it on your holidays.

The great question remains: how will have it, China, local or multinational?


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