Miruna Codeanu

Samsung S4, cool and marketing

In espresso on March 15, 2013 at 6:43 am

News of the day: Samsung launched its Galaxy S4. Everybody’s talking about it, mostly about its features, but I’m not here to discuss its innovations, what I care about is its marketing. Samsung has been massively investing in its image.

They had Unicorn Apocalypse, which was geekish cool:

They mocked Apple over the patent infringement trial, which made Apple look very uncool:

They even bought Tim Burton, which we all know, is cool:

And they launched Samsung Galaxy S4, like this:

Samsung already positioned itself as the most important Android based smartphone manufacturer. Having conquered this summit, next was Apple and what makes Apple important on the market, from a marketing point of view is its “cool factor”. I’ve said it before and I will continue saying it: in my opinion, what makes Apple’s strategy successful is that it kept its niche feeling though it went on the mass market, it is what makes it makes Apple users consider Apple a lovemark and act accordingly towards it and in its defense. For Samsung to conquer the next summit: leading position in the smartphone market they had to attack the leader which is Apple. They did: the invested a huge amount of money for endorsers and an even more money to buy prime time media space. A few days ago, Apple made it official they feel threatened by Samsung.  In an exclusive interview for the Wall Street Journal,   Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said  the Android experience “isn’t as good as an iPhone, and this only a few days before the launch for Galaxy S4. That is public acknowledgement of Apple’s fears one that raised the hype around Samsung Galaxy S4 launch.

Conclusions: Samsung acquires the “cool factor”, Apple admits it fears Samsung, Apple raises the hype around Galaxy S4 launch, Samsung launches Galaxy S4 in a Broadway-like show which confirms the cool factor, from which you can draw your conclusions. What’s left to see is whether the marketing investment at Samsung will be sustain by the technology innovations, but it seems that Samsung is winning the marketing trial.


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