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Dear Dove, you’re wrong!

In ca'n viata on March 13, 2013 at 7:15 am

Dove Canada launched another marketing campaign to continues its “Real Beauty” line. This time, we’re told, it’s aimed at the ones altering women’s perception on beauty: art directors, graphic designers, photo retouchers. How did they do that? They created a Photoshop tool aimed and posted it on the websites visited by these people. The tool claimed to add a glowing effect to the  skin but it actually brought the original image back. Here’s the video:

The campaign was featured on  AdWeek as Ad of the Day. I appreciate their effort and the creativity behind the idea, but I really do have a problem with hypocrite branding. I’ve always seen a brand as a human individual. Yes, yes, individual because if you’re not individual you won’t out-glow the others. You have to be extraordinary to matter. But there’s something I do not appreciate in human beings: hypocrisy and neither do I appreciate it in branding. Dove is putting it all wrong, throwing guilt at the wrong category. Dear Dove, you and I both know that the art directors, graphic designers, photo retouchers are guilty but just a means for transmitting the message the brand wants to deliver. Brands like you Dove, and marketeres like me are guilty for transmitting that perceptions. We both know the ugly don’t sell, we both know that beauty perceptions change over time, we both know that even like this you will not chose women with cellulite or ugly features and according to your “natural” positioning you should, right.

Dear Dove, I liked your strategy by now, I really liked that you managed to find a niche in a over flooded market, but you let me down. Again, I appreciate the creativity of the means but you are being hypocrite and I really do not appreciate that in a brand. Throwing the blame on professionals that do what the client asks them is unfair and ugly. Hoping your next campaign will be better at dealing with the “Real Beauty”,

Sincerely, a marketer from the cosmetics industry.

PS: Photoshop is not a modern invention. Photo editing can be traced back in the history of photography.

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